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Dear OUCH,

this is a thread I have dreaded to write. Undecided Let's see how it goes.

Many of you will have noticed long durations of absence from any operations in 8G. I did log in ocassionally, but seldom found the moment to join our fleet on the bubble. And if I did, it was often only for some minutes. There have been a lot of RL activities and issues that kept me busy and made me appreciate the few precious free evenings. That had consequences. It has been roughly two months since my last training unit. And it will get worse.

As some of you know, my wife and I are awaiting the birth of our first child any hour now. There will be even fewer opportunities to come out and fly and shoot with you all. Because of this, I will draw the consequences and drop my corp membership. I do so with a very heavy heart.

Not only was OUCH the corp that trained me in PvP basics and made me come out to Nullsec and give me adrenaline surges any time I wanted (or not wanted) to, opening up a whole new world inside of New Eden, in turn keeping me in the game. Not only was OUCH brave enough to in turn let me teach what I know to others. The one thing I appreciated the most were the wonderful people I got to know. I had such a good time in comms with you, received so much brilliant advise and heard so many fascinating stories. I do not exagerate when I say that OUCH shaped my perception of and indeed my identity in Eve. This makes so especially hard to leave.

What I will do with Eve from now on, I cannot say. I guess I will stay subbed and log in from time to time. This world is too good to leave. But I definitely must and want to concentrate on IRL things first.

I hope that there is a place for me in OUCH, if my way ever leads me back. Maybe there are some FCs that would even let me take part in fleets or at least be eyes. For now I will leave a clone and some ships in CL. I do hope, however, that you will still grant me access to TS, so I can drop by from time to time and talk to you guys. There are many among you, who have become very dear to me. There are some I would love to thank especially, but I'd rather do that individually.

I will drop corp tomorrow evening. Although I'll stay in touch, at this point I want to wish all of you all the best on your journeys. Thank you for many precious moments which will not be forgotten.

Judu Grovee out.
Fly safe! o7
Playing in EU - Eve Time +1
Best of luck to you and your family. We will be here, don't be a stranger.
Fly safe Judu, and good luck in your new adventures! It's been a pleasure.
Toronto, Canada [EVE - 5]
See you around Judu o7
Canadian Player, EVE-4
Take care Judu, if/when life permits I hope to fly with you on the bubble again.
EVE Time -5hrs (2200-0700) fairly common play time for me, will likely be on other random times as well.
Good flying with you, Judu. I hope we get to see you again in the future. Fly safe out there in Daddy land. o7
Hnolai ki tuul, ti sei oni a tiu.
USA Player, EVE-5 (CDT)
Aww maaaaaan. Understand completely. I've been in the thick of some things myself. It was a pleasure flying with you. Good luck!
Congrats on the new baby. Come around sometime.
USA Player Eve -7
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Good Luck Judu. Come back when you can.

Fly Safe or Fly Dangerous, Just Don't Fly Stupid.
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