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To the Allies of Open University of Celestial Hardship [0UCH]
o7 Blues!

First, let me thank the many of you who have supported OUCH over the years.  We would not be a successful pvp and null sec survival training organization if not for the opportunities we have had to learn while of flying first against and now, with many of you.  Sometimes it's hard to believe we've been doing this for five years. 

Five years.  Amazing.  Thank you.

I realize that some of you may be new to Curse and do not understand what OUCH is or does, or why your corporation or alliance is blue with a bunch of "bubble camping noobs."  

Art of War Alliance is the holding alliance of Open University of Celestial Hardship [OUCH].  We live in central Curse, 8G-MQV is our training system.  Years ago when Flying Dangerous frequently landed in our bubble, we got dubbed "the guys who bait you with frigates and kill you with a black ops gang."

Killing solo pilots in a warp disruption bubble is easy and it gives us the opportunity to give brand new players a chance to break into pvp combat.  They to learn first how to travel alone in null sec, and then how to tackle, fly their ships, follow commands and play with a team.  

Now, killing a small gang of cruisers with frigates is a little harder, and until BullMastiff of A4D showed me how, I didn't think it was possible to do without losing half the fleet.  He got me to break out of my comfort zone a little, and today OUCH can engage a small gang of larger ships and win, giving our students the opportunity to see what controlled chaos looks like.  I love nothing better than destroying big ships with noobs in little ships supported by EWAR.

The success in 8G is based off of our instructors and allies bringing the ships to fit the roles of OUCH's Light Fleet: Pilots in frigates bringing scrams, webs, "Ugly Sister" EWAR, and ECM.  One of the reasons we fly small is to get people to fight us. Frigates are very engagable, "They're just frigates, lets kill them."  But Eve being what it is, our opponents will bring more than enough to kill a few frigates, so we bring EWAR and a little DPS make up for the lack of tank that our frigates do not have.  

In our experience, our opponents will bring more than enough to kill frigates and then complain that we dishonorably used ECM to kill their cruisers, BCs, HACs or battleships.  We're not really bad, we were just brought up that way. We're the product of our environment, getting shot at by the likes of A4D, DNS, Agony Unleashed, 0utbreak, The Initiative, Gorgon Empire, Red Alliance, etc.  

We keep it small, hope our opponents don't bring more than we can handle with tackle, tracks, damps and ECM, hold everyone and kill them, one at a time.  

This note is to reiterate to both the instructors of OUCH Operations and our allies on what we should be doing in 8G-MQV on a day to day basis.  You're welcome to join us in ships that complement our fleet doctrines, but understand that OUCH's killmail machine in 8G is designed to hand-hold new players in their first pvp experiences. While I understand that sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zone and experiment occasionally, I expect OUCH instructors to take charge in 8G, to run the fleet, manage the fleet composition, maintain discipline and fly by our doctrines to support students, first and foremost.

Thank you again for your support.  


Bren Genzan
Fly Safe or Fly Dangerous, Just Don't Fly Stupid.
Eve Killboard - East US TZ
In the business of maintaining the high cost of implants since 2009.

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