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Moving Along
Hello all,

I haven't been nearly as active in this community as I could, and feel that I should move on. It was wonderful meeting and working with everyone, and I look forward to giving future OUCHies live object lessons in how not to dodge bubble camps in the future!

Hope to see you all again soon either in game or in the flesh - was awesome meeting Phanda, Rene and Kulanos!

Take care,

Cat Gif, AKA Sard Caid
Indeed had a ton of fun flying with you cat. Maybe I'll tag along on one of your roams in the future
USA Player, EVE-5
It was a pleasure to fly with you, although not as often as I wished. Good luck!
Be good Sard... or at least don't be evil. /grins

Tell Cal 7 he's still my hero. Smile
Fly Safe or Fly Dangerous, Just Don't Fly Stupid.
Eve Killboard - East US TZ
In the business of maintaining the high cost of implants since 2009.
Later man. It's been fun!
We'll miss you, Cat. I'll skinny dip the bubble in your honor. ^_~
Hnolai ki tuul, ti sei oni a tiu.
USA Player, EVE-5 (CDT)
Good meeting you too. Have fun wherever you are.
USA Eve -5

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