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Ooti Orti Resigning
Hey folks,

Due to real life constraints and the fact that I haven't been able to teach a SINGLE module since becoming OUCH, I'm going to be backing out of the corp. I really appreciate all the fun I've had, and you guys are a quality bunch of people. I feel like I owe you guys more than to sit idle and occasionally hop on to join in on the bubble, and I can't really provide that at this time. At a later date, I may decide I'm ready and able to commit to teaching our fellow pilots the necessary points to survive in such a hostile world, and I will rejoin you as (hopefully) a fully fledged OPS member once more.

I will be sending every newbie I can find this way because I truly believe OUCH provides a vital service to the EvE Community.

Thank you to all the friends I've made. We may see each other in space, but if I learned anything at all from you guys, You'll never catch me! Wink

Fly safe folks!

Ooti Orti
USA Player, EVE-5
When life settles, you're welcome to come back.


Fly Safe or Fly Dangerous, Just Don't Fly Stupid.
Eve Killboard - East US TZ
In the business of maintaining the high cost of implants since 2009.
Zurakaru Ze
Saudi Arabia EVE +3  

[Image: 6KxYc4S.jpg]
Good luck.
Take care! Hopefully life settles down for you soon.

Hope to have you back on the bubble with us one day.

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