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Mission log
Comm channel interference was high due to the proximity of the giant asteroids, but the static that sputtered and clicked loudly from the open channel indicated more than just interference, almost as though the equipment on the other end had seen far better days.

Competing against the loud crackles of static, or in spite of it altogether, a rough, gaudy voice booms from the comm;

“This is Drasik Romath of the Imperial Serpentis………”

Serpentis, of course.

The Serpentis were well known throughout the universe, especially in the outlying areas of deep space where the firm grip of Concord was almost nonexistent. It was here, in these outlying, unpatrolled areas that they could prey on the unsuspecting and weak, they were pirates and nothing more, wildly unpredictable and known to travel in large packs.

The comm channel continued to crackle and hiss, “….you have violated our space……..abandon your ship immediately and we may spare your life.”

No, questions or assumptions from the Serpentis, just a bold statement.

Abandon my ship? Is that all?

I kept my eyes on the scanner as he spoke wondering when more would show up.

BEEP….BEEP….BEEP,” a warning buzzer went off and various lights starting blinking on the control board.

“Incoming missiles caption,” said the sultry blonde voice.

So much for giving me time to reply ……..not that it would have mattered.

“Evasive maneuvers Izzy, get us moving!”

The ship lurched forward as the thrusters kicked on.

“…and turn off that damned warning alarm!”

The ship went silent almost immediately while warning lights on the panel continued to blink.

“Set the redeye on them,” and then after a moment of quick thought, “target Drasik’s ship specifically.”

“Affirmative captain.”

Surprise, surprise, Drasik, I’m not weak or unsuspecting.

The ship suddenly pitched and shook violently from the impact of the first missile.

“Shields at eighty percent captain,” the blonde in my computer stated.

“Bring us around Izzy, and get us into range of the other ships.”

“Affirmative captain...... drone engaging target.”

Your about to have your hands full Drasik of Serpentis.

The viewport was engulfed in a bright flash as two additional missiles hit us head-on, the ship barely moving this time as it absorbed the explosion at full speed.

I was always amazed when seeing an explosion in space as I thought I had read somewhere that there are no explosions in space, something to do with no oxygen or something of the like, but whoever wrote that had obviously never been in a battle in space, because there are most definitely explosions in space……… some of them pretty damned spectacular as a matter of fact.

“Shields at forty percent captain.”

We’re all right…..

“Lock all remaining targets, Izzy……. As soon as we’re in range of a ship, open fire with all turrets.”

 “Affirmative captain.”

A few moments tick by impossibly slow as we approach our first target.

“Drone reporting heavy damage captain, weapons are offline and scanners are damaged.”

“And the redeye’s target?”

The three laser turrets on my ship light up as we approach our first target, sending deadly blasts of energy in powerful controlled bursts.

“Drone reporting target crippled, captain, shields and armor have failed …..Drasik’s ship has dis-engaged and is attempting to limp away.”

I watch out the viewport as our first target explodes in a bright flash and disappears, leaving behind a broken, crumpled husk.

“Recall the redeye, Izzy, his work is done.”

Affirmative captain, recalling drone.”

The ship is rocked abruptly once again by another missile in the side.

“Shields at twenty percent captain.”

A few moments later and my ships lasers have found another target reducing the remaining pirate ship to nothing more than an empty husk floating in space.

“Damage report Izzy.”

A few seconds tick by as I review the scanner again, Drasik’s ship is moving slowly away, but nothing else on scan.

“Shields are down to 10 percent and recharging captain, armor has taken some damage but nothing critical, all weapons and navigational systems are fully operational.”

I nod my approval.

“Take us in visual range of Drasik’s ship Izzy.”

“Affirmative captain,” the blonde responds in her most pleasing voice.

Looking out the viewport I can see Drasik’s badly damaged ship as we approach it and set into a close range cruising speed alongside of it.

“Open a comm, Izzy”

“Comm open captain.”

“This is Temerian Andedare of the Star-Shield…… have violated the universal anti-piracy act and are now subject to termination.”

The comm only sputters and hisses.

A small smile creeps onto my face, “abandon your ship now and I may let you live.”

No reply from the wounded ship.

My eyes are suddenly drawn to a large group of red lights popping on to my scanner screen.

“Fifteen unidentified vessels on scan, captain.”

God Dammit!

The comm comes life with crackles and sizzles, “Drasik to Temerian, abandon YOUR ship now and we may let YOU live.”

This defiant statement is followed by laughter as the comm remains open for a few seconds until finally closing, and then quiet.

I lean back in my seat looking out the viewport at the ship flying next to me, and then down at the angry red lights that have appeared on my scanner. For a moment, just a brief instant, I contemplate the injustice of it all, I question why these pirates are allowed to exist, why Concord doesn’t hunt them all down and remove them from the universe………

And then I sigh deeply, realizing the futility of such a thought.

“Lock all turrets Izzy…………. open fire.”

“Affirmative captain.”

Before the voluptuous blonde can even finish acknowledging the command my lasers light up on the broken and decimated enemy ship before me.

For a moment, in my mind’s eye, I can hear his laughter turning to a scream just as his ship is engulfed in flame and explodes sending small debris flying out at all angles.

Goodbye Drasik of Serpentis….

Everything is quiet again as the scanner continues to flash its warning of incoming danger.

“Take us home Izzy, warp speed.”

“Affirmative captain.”

~~~~ END ~~~~~
Temerian Andedare


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