Open University of Celestial Hardship (OUCH)

Full Version: Keep up the good work!
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I wish all of my choices in EvE to turn out to be as good as picking OUCH on day 1 was. I feel in-depth insight to mechanics and their practical application does worth more than any isk around here. Thank you.

But New Eden calls me. I have to make buddies and enemies. Have to build some lovely sandcastles and struggle to keep them standing while they crumble. Wanna see my enthusiasm and ambition being dissolved or integrated into whatever efforts I'll deem worthy to invest time in. Wanna endure them Hardships.

I have a general idea about the direction I headed, but yet to pick the exact spot. Though I'm in correspondence with a few fellows to determine who are the most likely to possibly provide an environment with the fun / experience / income ratios I'm looking for. Others are even seem to be ready to follow me to wherever. So flattering. Wish I had their confidence.

But still, can't wait to leave and do whatever with whoever. Don't take it personally, you are competing with the whole Star Cluster here. Smile

Though regardless of where I end up, I already foresee sending promising capsuleers of a burning desire for learning towards you whenever I bump into them. Hell, I started already, they are many out there too. I can only imagine the reassuring feeling of flying with OUCH graduates instead of random pugs who (ideally already) picked up the pieces from different sources.

And I can also imagine the old Yebo, the ruins of his sandcastles behind him, returning to the wise monks of Curse nebula for spending some calm and relaxing years meditating amongst the bubbles and newbros.

I hope to find you in good health, wealth and buzzing activity when that day comes.

(tempted to write "Yebo out", but I'm a notorious lurker)
Good luck in your ongoing Eve Adventures!


o7 see you in space!
o7 good luck have fun