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Full Version: Flynn is off for new adventures
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Thanks for everything guys!!! I know there was still training to be done, but I've decided to jump in with GSF's new karmafleet.

Feel free to drop me a message in game any time or shoot at me next time we meet; I'll shoot back and send you a wave in local.

If this doesn't work out I'll be back for sure.

Fly safe o7
Go be dangerous Flynn (I might look you up in a week or two BTW, I'm curious about how karmafleet is going to develop).

EDIT: You should join the Space Violence sig.
Yeah drop me a message and I'll fill you in.
It looks absolutely nuts (in a good way). 10 mins in and there are fleets up to go mess with supers.
Seeya around
Ciao Flynn...have fun! o7
Fly safe, unless you're in Curse. In that case we'll be sure to pop you gently! o7
Drop by anytime and don't forget to bring a friend :D