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Full Version: Thank You OUCH
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While I was in OUCH I decided to join SOV null and I'm pretty confident that although I'm very new to the game I will be able to do just fine. I would like to thank everyone and especially to instructors that spent their own time to teach me alot of stuff. I have been accepted immediately within my new PVP corp in Catch with a 2 mil. SP although they had a 10 mil. minimum requirement. So that says alot about OUCH training quality and I'm really proud to wear my graduation medal. Thank you Bren for running this awesome corp and thank you OUCH.
Sorry to see you leave, but best of luck wherever you go.

Take care SkinHead o7
Well done. GLHF.

Thank you Bren and I'll miss you Preussen. I think you're the only one who managed to get some words out of my mouth on TS3 hehe. I hope to fly with you and OUCH again some day.

o7 Fly dangerous.
o7 have fun!
o7 have fun and kill stuff in Catch!
Thanks guys and will try to do my best Aketo. You might help us with killing lots of PL coming from Curse. Don't let them reach us Smile

All the best o7
All the best and fly dangerously in catch!! o7
Live, learn ... get podded on the bubble.

Don't be that one.
Can I delete this thread now that my short adventure in SOV null is over?
Interesting...seems like your now old corp has mainly frig losses.
Welcome back