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Full Version: Thanks so much! o7
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After much consideration, I think it’s best that I leave OUCH and go forth on my own.

I look forward to hearing and seeing where OUCH goes. I know that whenever I do, I will be proud of you guys. I’ll be sure to pass on the good word.

Thank you so much for all the opportunities, lessons, laughs, and support along the way, both in game and irl…especially irl. I will certainly miss y'all.

Best wishes!!

o7 Panda
So long, Phanda
Thank you for being a great fleetmate and a close friend.
Good luck on your eve beyond OUCH. I'm looking forward to see your name in the AT some day!


take care
Gonna miss you. Take care! Blow lots of people up!
Still owe you a drink next time I'm in H town. Fair winds and following seas.
Kill Em All, Panda.
Take care.
Bye of luck
GLHF, It was great talking to you at Vegas. Hope things go well for you.
Best of luck and fly safe.
Good luck and have fun, Panda!

Viel Spaß und viel Erfolg o7