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Full Version: Thanks for the Great Training!
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Thanks for the Great Training!

I would like to thank all the knowledgeable and helpful instructors for all the time and effort they put into training us. During the first module a big light bulb went off over my head (oh, that is my head, I was looking at my reflection in the window). Even before I graduated, I was able to foil several bubble-camp brigands and other assorted null-sec ne'er-do-wells with the training I received.

I'm currently looking for a null-sec industrial corp that isn't afraid to get pod-goo on their hands. One corp I spoke with was unhappy that I killed so many of their blues (really?) in the last month. That's probably for the best as who wants allies like that?

Best of luck to everyone. If I stop by for a future visit, I'll be sure to do it with a clean clone. :D And I'm looking forward to The Ouch Cookbook.

Warmest Regards,