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Full Version: Coaching Them up Fanfest 2014
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Here is the Coaching Them Up presentation in full.

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Psianh Auvyander from Noir. Academy
Kain Spero from Escrow Removal and Acquisition [-ERA-] (Dust 514)
Bren Genzan from Open University of Celestial Hardship
Bren served all of us well. Well done. I saw part of it on live feed but now I got to see it all.
Thanks for filming it Jak.
hey there was free jim bean so lol.
I can't wait for the official stream to come out, but that's not bad.

Course, I am Bren.
Thanks to Jak for making and posting.

Well done, Bren!

Thank you Jak.

Good job Bren if i wasn't already here i'd be signing up.
That's great stuff Bren, well done.
Loved it. Awesome delivery Bren.
I'm proud to be here folks.