Open University of Celestial Hardship (OUCH)

Full Version: Thanks Everyone!
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Thank you guys for the awesome training. I no longer fear low-sec and null like I previously did. I also learned a few random things:

1. Bigger is not necessarily better. Previously I was training up for a battleship because it seemed like the "thing to do", but now that I realize frigates aren't completely worthless, and I can't stand the slowness of battlecruisers anymore. Think I'll explore the T2/T3 cruiser level instead.

2. Drones are fun but pretty much everybody forgets to recall them before warping to safes.

3. If you're getting bombed in a frigate, you don't really have enough time to escape (even if you're aligned and hovering over bookmark).

4. Scram then web, not web then scram like I did before OUCH.

5. Bubbles are not scary if you have tactical bookmarks beforehand.

6. I now understand that +1, -1 thing I read on some blog.

My friends (including myself) all got vouched into a fairly large null alliance, but I told them all to piss off until I finished this program. They've complained about things like messed up overview settings, not using safespots, etc. I did tell them about OUCH.

Oh well, at least I'm ready Smile
See ya

o7 l8r