Open University of Celestial Hardship (OUCH)

Full Version: Thanks for the great time!
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Hi everybody!
First of all thank you very much for your time and the great training I got in OUCH! I learned a lot and will do my best to put this knowledge to good use and further expand on it.

OUCH is the first 0.0 PvP corporation I was part of and I can't decide yet, if your style of play is the right thing for me, as I don't know any other approach. So, after talking a little bit with Miss Terri, I decided to move on and try out different approaches to PvP like Red vs. Blue etc.

Maybe I come back and apply for the Operation Departments in a few months, if I came to the conclusion that your style of play is my style of play. But I just can't decide that yet without knowing anything else for comparison.

So keep up your great work and maybe we meet again, be it with me as an applicant for the Operations Department or on the battlefield Smile