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Full Version: Thanks for all the fish
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These are never easy to write. With increasing husbandly duties, I've made the decision to un-sub my accounts. I guess I can use the money saved to buy more rounds for the range. I'll try to pop into TS and the Alumni Hall here and then.

I've informed the top brass, but I'd like to publicly thank a number of individuals for my time as an OUCH student and as a Heartbreaker:

CampoV - It's too bad that I'm thanking you while you're on hiatus; do come back soon. Thank you for your calm-yet-wise attitude and for running all of those FFAs. I still regret that I never made it higher than 3rd. My wife wanted you to know that she loves your voice, which she heard while watching me during an FFA. She's a speech therapist, so I'd take it as a compliment. I wish that I finished that second half of your bubble placement class, but know that of the few bubbles I've put up in 8G, each has caught P4. Extra practice on SiSi pays off.

Bren - I don't know what I did to make you publicly profess your liking of me, but I like you, too. /wink You pushed me to be a better Ops pilot and I will miss your stories. I still remember scrambling to make a safe during the roam in your Modules 8-9 class. I did finish those ECM skills; I just haven't had the chance to bring out the Falcon. Thank you and Arch for the advice on firearms and ammo.

Miss Teri - The Norwegian mystery. I hear that we have similar professions, so that would explain my interest in you. Birds of a feather flock together, they say. I still remember my tengu going up against your fighters on SiSi. Please be nice to my corpse; it's a collector's item. Oh yeah, someone else will need to get some good NPC standings now.

Psi Theta - Our trusty quartermaster. I've always enjoyed how you calmly explained the Camp Curse rules to new students on the bubble and rained death from your bombers. I should have stayed further away from you three during the FFAs.

Kurotage - I loved when you speak legalese and our talks about San Diego. I guess you'll be the remnant of our kind in OUCH, if you catch my drift. I'll let you know how the USS Midway is.

Zurakaru Ze - I still remember when you had me chase you in Modules 6-7 and you noticed that I started to overheat my AB after you did. Nat is sneaky.

Fellow Ops members - It's been a pleasure flying with and under you. For those of you who had been my students, I'm proud. Without Elgoroth and me here, we'll need new spies.

Students - Stick through the OUCH program. I waited four weeks solely for my last class. It was worth it.

Fair winds and following seas.

o7, Nat
I am going to miss you Nat, but a man's gotta do what s man's gotta do.

I love you like all good Chiefs love young officers who pay attention and learn from other people's mistakes rather making a lot of their own.

Remember: If you draw a gun, kill a man. It's the last resort, not a negotiation tool.

Be safe.

Fair winds and following seas.

I just realized that if you leave your toon in OUCH, we can still use the standing... we just have to remember not to kick her.

* Miss Teri wipes away a tear
(08-25-2012, 03:03 AM)Bren Genzan Wrote: [ -> ]I just realized that if you leave your toon in OUCH, we can still use the standing... we just have to remember not to kick her.

Good thing I didn't leave corp. I'll just park her there for now. For my forum account, you can probably downgrade me sometime.
Gonna miss ya Nat, but you have a new commitment that should be your number one priority, at least for the first five years or so. Hope to hear from ya in TS when you can, and I'll keep a hangar warm for ya if your schedule ever changes.

You've been a class act,

One of my best bubble-buds. Your presence will be missed. o7

Good luck to you, Nat. It's been fun and I hope you return someday. 07
O7 Take care Nat
Good luck Nat!

thank you for the training, and for being awesome. i miss ya already. family first. and all. hope to see you back someday soon.

Good luck and have a great life. Hope too see you back on the bubble someday Smile