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When OUCH went onto the top 10k sometime last year, that was pretty cool. Since then, our Battleclinic rank has been steadily rising, with joining the top 1000 corps coming up as our next milestone.

Alliance ranks go much much more slowly, but AWA just dropped into the top 200 alliances on Battleclinic. We're number 197 overall and number 88 for recent activity, which I think is over the last 7 days. Battleclinic kills AND losses are part of the ranking system.

Not bad for a bunch of guys bubble camping with newbies, who I might add, have to learn how to travel through one of the toughest regions in New Eden.

Great job everyone! Cool
Well done, guys!
That is quite an achievement given the size and activity of some of the other alliances.

Kaatchina and I were nearly back down your way last week. We were on a roam via a few wormholes that led to Curse, but unfortunately we got our arses handed to us on a plate by a Darkside Oracle fleet in OSHT-A and had to head back to reship Sad Fun though!
MT and I got in a couple of Covops ships and jumped into a wormhole in Curse a couple of weeks ago. The guys who lived in there didn't like us probing them. They collapsed the entrance and trapped us in there with them. Maybe they thought we were in strat cruisers looking for trouble?

Anyway, we finally probed our way through a couple more WH's to find an exit to low sec Derelik and eventually found our way home. The experience has given me a better appreciation for decent probing skills.
(07-09-2012, 10:51 AM)Bren Genzan Wrote: [ -> ]When OUCH went onto the top 10k sometime last year, that was pretty cool. Since then, our Battleclinic rank has been steadily rising, with joining the top 1000 corps coming up as our next milestone.

Currently #991 as corp, #190 as alliance.

Congratulations on the rankings.
o7 Syko!
(08-14-2012, 02:44 AM)Bren Genzan Wrote: [ -> ]o7 Syko!

Miss you guys.

Upgraded my computer so I can't sneak into TS (Forgot the old channel and pass) to say hey.

I bet Eve would look prettier now.

In 2 weeks GW2 Starts. I'll probably make an Asura Necro.
Maybe i'll get bored and resub just to say hey.

I read eveoganda and the blogs there and doesn't seem like anything that good is coming out in near future.

I do love life on the bubble though (best blog out).
those are fantastic stats guys.
Were they achieved though by working with the enemy (just kidding)
Ive recently resubbed my account but after spreading my wings and leaving the bubble (which was hard to do, those were good times, and you are all great pilots to fly with) i decided to join a low sec pvp corp that operates in my timezone and have been having a ball. I may come for a visit one day as I still have a jump clone near by and some rifters handy Tongue
Oh and Bren, your in space ... ask any Alien , probing skillz will always come in very handy,
gloves on and peace fellas
Well, sometime in the past week or two, AWA (BC Rank 178) and OUCH (BC Rank 887) hit the 10000th kill milestones.


If I had know it was coming, I'd have thrown a party. Smile

Somewhere in the past week OUCH managed to dive into the top 800 ranked corporations currently listed #790 on Battleclinic as I'm writing this.
(The Art of War alliance is listed at #173.)

This in itself is a great accomplishment for a bunch of guys that are dedicated towards teaching the inhabitants of New Eden.
Another achievement worth mentioning here imho is the fact we were finally (after almost 3 years) able to change our succes ratio from 1:1 to 2:1.

So congratulations to all you guys that made this possible!
That includes alumni, OPs, graduates and students alike, you all made it happen, im proud to fly (have flown) with you guys.

Onwards to the next milestone!!

So somewhere last night between that Outbreak Lachesis and the poor Reaper very early in the morning, OUCH managed to stumble into the top 700.

Another 100 up the ranks!
It does not seem to influence the Alliance ranking a lot as it has virtually not changed since my previous post in August last year.
At the time of this post AWA is ranked 168 (73 for recent activity) with OUCH at position 698.

Lets find out if we can push on towards the top 600.

And so it has come to pass...

OUCH secured his place into the top 600 corporations of EVE as of today!
Alliance ranking does not seem to move a lot as it climbed 8 spots up the rankings to 160 by the time of this post.

Guess the new aim would be making the top 500...
Art of War Alliance reached 150 on Battleclinic this week, (61 for recent activity) right below Initiative Mercenaries [IM] at 151. OUCH is 537.
One rank more and we are in top 500 !
Now we are 500 so I guess in few days will get that 499 place ^^.
For those of you following this stuff: OUCH 398 AWA 133. Smile

Oh, and both AWA and OUCH are top 100 for recent activity. Well done everyone.
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