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Full Version: Hulkaggeddon
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Hulkaggeddon starts this weekend, so you know I started looking at the KB trying to figure out how to keep OUCH off the red side of it.

What are you guys doing for Hulkaggeddon this year?
couldnt we fleetup in stealthies somewhere next to a bait hulk ??
The Hulk would die.

But as long as it isn't our bait Hulk...
Well, Miss Teri is definitely making sure that there's a record of lost Tornadoes in Jita.
I am mostly blowing up hulks :D
(04-28-2012, 02:33 PM)Eryn Hawkwind Wrote: [ -> ]I am mostly blowing up hulks :D
I'll keep that in mind this winter when Sabre hulls are going for 50 mil a pop. Wink

Man, I wish sabres were 50 mil a pop.
I don't want to even look.
Awesome... Ship prices have doubled since I last bought anything.
Oh god.....

I want to kill one of these.
Well, we've had some success, but targets became very thin very quickly in our neck of the woods so we got a bit bored.

However, we did manage the 1st Orca kill of Hulkageddon V :D
BWHAHHAHAHA THE END IS NIGH!!!!! THE HULK IN NO MORE! bwahahahaha....*cough* sorry hairball.

Im going to make one of those "end of the world signs" and wander around with it on. maybe post a photo on the eve site lol
We made it through the Month of Hulkageddon without losing any Hulks. Great job everyone.