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Full Version: High Sec is Not Safe
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Our pilots often joke about how High Sec is scary. As null sec combat pilots, we're used to space systems being kind of empty most of the time, and if you do see people in system with you, you naturally assume that they are trying to kill you.

It's not paranoia if they're really are out to get you.

Now, the pilots of OUCH's Operations Department have taken to going to high sec once a week where we spend a little time doing a little PVE, shopping at the Mall, and hanging out with the students who haven't made it out into null yet.

Honestly, it can be a little nerve racking.

First off, there are so many people. You undock from a station or jump through a gate and there are people "camping" there. Your heart jumps into your throat while you spam the warp button. Then you take a deep breath and remind yourself, This is High Sec... no one is trying to kill you here. But then again...

You're tooling around in high sec, and you find yourself in a quiet system, and there is a ship idling near a gate. He locks you up, Omigod, he's attacking you!!! You lock him back, and open fire in self defense, and find yourself jammed and nuked by these scary white rats with CONCORD emblazoned on their hulls, and you're wondering, What just happened?

You jump into a hauler and stack it full of expensive stuff, because you only have a 10 jump haul to make... and this is High Sec, we're safe here. Seven jumps later, 3 destroyers lock and blast you into smithereens before CONCORD takes them down. You're in your pod watching in disbelief as an industrial loots your wreck and warps off. They laugh in local. You're stunned that you just lost half of your total wealth in seconds.

You're in fleet, minding your business, waiting for the rest of the fleet to get their act together so you can move on to the next event, and an Arazu lands on top of your band of frigates... That was weird, where'd he come from? A minute later, a red flashy battleship lands on your squad and you and your fleetmates go, POP, POP, POP, in the smartbomb field. I hate this game!!

All this is to say, despite all of the high sec missioning, mining, inventing, manufacturing, couriering, exploring, planetary interacting, trading, whatever... Eve is a PvP game.

So protect yourself. Treat high sec a little more like you would treat null sec. Learn to use Dscan. Set up instaundocks on the stations you frequent. Never carry enough stuff in a hauler that makes it cost effective to blow you up. Fly cloaked ships if you can, fly fast agile ships if you can't. Don't use autopilot if your ship or cargo makes a tempting target.

High Sec is Not Safe. Concord does not prevent people from taking your ship. They only blow up the guy who takes your ship.

If you carry more than 20 million in untanked industrial ship, expect that a high sec pirate can gank you with a Destroyer and make decent profit. For a well tanked one, 50 million might be the limit. Depending on how expensive the cargo, some will go overkill with a cruiser or battlecruiser to GUARANTEE the kill. They scan your ship with a passive scanner, see your cargo and do the math. If your cargo is worth enough for them to pay for their ship and break even, they will try.

If you're flying around in high sec thinking that you're safe, that you're not playing a PvP game, that you're just minding your business, playing your Eve, it's just a matter of time before you learn that you're absolutely wrong. Don't let the lesson come as a shock to you. Be prepared.

If you're going to wear a pork loin jacket, you should expect to get eaten by wolves.