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Full Version: Kaat moving on
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Hey there.

I will soon be leaving OUCH. I've been loosing interest in the game lately and I don't even log in anymore, this tells me that I must move on and hopefully I will find a place that will keep my fun factor high enough for this not to happen again.

I would like to thank all the OUCH staff, BC even if i didn't have the pleasure of flying with you, Campo and Varoomis for the lessons, and of course Bren and all the ops guys as well as our allies from AWA, especially Miss Teri and Arnedicaprio.

I had a lot of fun camping 8G with all of you guys, we've blown shit up, but even though sitting on a bubble is fun, I guess it also got me bored after a while. I know things are just starting over here and I wish I'd had the courage to help you build this and maybe go in a direction that I would be enjoying even more, but I just can't do that these days.

Funny as I look into this section, it seems a lot of people have returned from their various adventures, so I'm sure our paths will cross again.

Reading about OUCH motivated me enough so I could get my head into the game, and while being in OUCH I learned to make 0.0 my home, so you'll be seeing my rifters around, hoping they land in your bubbles Smile

As to my path in EVE I'll be following Campo's advice for the time being and get some experience in RVB, while looking at PvP corps in which I could bring someting they want and get some action. He mentioned Agony, and I will definitely look into it.

See ya, good luck, have fun, fly safe ... you know the drill !

Best of luck Kaat, was good flying with you! Hope to do it again someday, in the mean time fly safe and don`t land in the bubble Tongue

It has been good having you in Corp.  You showed how much a motivated person could accomplish - at least on the killboard and in learning to use the skills you had effectively.

Good luck to you and PLEASE land in our bubble!  Smile


Best of luck in your endeavors, get out there and kill lots of pilots. Show them what an OUCH graduate is capable of! Smile

It's been a pleasure sharing time with you. As little or as much as our different schedules allowed.

Fly safe.

Have fun!

But, if you go to RvB, you'd better join Blue.


Good luck Kaat

Bonne Chance ..

Eryn Hawkwind


But fair enough, buddy.  Was a pleasure to fly alongside you, and I look forward to some you vs me one of these days Smile
Normally it's quite easy for me to say goodbye to people in eve. But tbh I'm gonna miss to have you around Kaat  :-\

Don't tell it to anyone Wink

Laters Kaat and don't be a stranger in OUCH blues chat
Why did I have a feeling you'd join Red?

Hope you have fun!



That's because i chose the most target rich environment !
(04-15-2011, 07:00 PM)Kaatchina link Wrote:That's because i chose the most target rich environment !

Rgr that. Give 'em hell!