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Full Version: Black Claw's latest blog posts
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Sorry, I forgot to update this with each post, but probably better to have them grouped like this:
Does anyone read this?

Hello out there!

echo... echo... echo.....
This has been an announcement thread for a long time BC, no one was going to post here unless you ask them to. Smile

I check your blog frequently, if not everyday, you know I rarely comment. I think that you should put an OUCH forum link back up with the banner. People still find you as associated with us, it would be nice if your blog still led them to us.
Right, Black Claw has been inactive for a couple weeks or so, but my alt Alexia Morgan has taken over the whole 'travelling around the galaxy' thing and running with it.

You can follow her ongoing adventures over here at her new blog:

Touring New Eden

I'll leave it to you to catch up on what's gone on there so far. I'll post updates here as well, the same as I used to do with BC.
It's been a while since I was around these parts, but hi.

I came back a couple months ago, and you can find me continuing the adventures on the new blog:

Touring New Eden

Drop by and say hi sometime Smile
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