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Full Version: Now that you've signed up, what next?
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Now that you've signed up, what next?

Now that you're a member of OUCH and you've registered on this forum, you're probably wondering what you need to do next.  I know it can be a bit daunting, so this post is designed to help you, one step at a time.

1. Sign up for forum access
This is important. By signing up for forum access and including the name of the corp you've joined we will be able to assign you extra permissions so you can see all areas of the forum.

The below links are for OUCH members only.

2. Read our Corporate Policy
Being a member of OUCH comes with certain responsibilities. The Corp Policy outlines some of those responsibilities and requirements of all members.

3. Read 'New members start here'
This outlines all the things you need to do to set yourself up as member of OUCH.

4. Student Guides
For those quiet moments when you have nothing to do (or when you're at work!), we have a lot of useful guides you can read to help you learn how to survive in nullsec and how to PVP. This include: Warp bubbles and how to deal with them, bookmarks, survival tips, and so on. You're in a training corp now, and your training includes reading. You won't regret it!

5. Jump clones
If you have implants, or you want to get implants, you might want to consider getting yourself some Jump Clones to allow you to engage in PVP without having to worry about losing them.

6. What else?
Ask questions, involve yourself in the discussions, participate in training and PVP. We can only offer you the training resources - it's up to you to actually make use of them.

7. Any questions?
Get in Teamspeak and ask - someone will be there to help you out.