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No Heroes
Temerian looked around the bar once again and took a long drink of his draft beer while he considered what Lulu had just told him.

This was not good,” He thought, “if Lasko was looking for him, then it would only be a matter of time until he was found…….. And this business of being air locked into space, well if he was serious, that would not be pleasant at all.

And from what he had heard about Captain Lasko, he had no reason to think he wasn’t serious, “Well, with a medical clone in place it wouldn’t be the end.”

The memory of his dead friend quickly shot through his mind, “shouldn’t be the end anyways.”

But clones did nothing to alleviate the pain of death, and quite frankly medical clones were expensive, running upwards of two million ISK. Running missions and salvaging was lucrative, but no one wanted to go through the pain and agony of death and then shell out two million ISK, if it could be avoided.

With another long drink he emptied the glass of beer, “What to do?”

Lulu returned from assisting other customers, “Another drink, Tem?”

He looked at her for a moment, “I don’t think so Lulu………I think I’ll head out.”

“Ohhhh,” she replied with an obvious fake concern, “I hope it wasn’t something I said?”

Temerian frowned and stood up, “always a pleasure Lulu.”

She laughed as he walked away, “You take care of yourself, Tem!”

He thought she sounded sincere when she said that, but with lulu, who could tell?

Quickly making his way through the bar he had just walked out the door when he was violently slammed across the corridor into a bulkhead, spun around and pressed back against the wall by two large military types.

Temerian fought for a moment but it was useless against these two hulks, “Take it easy fellas!”

It only took him a moment to regain his senses and when he was finally able to calm down and focus he was looking directly into the unforgiving face of Captain Lasko.

The captain smiled an evil grin, “Going somewhere Temerian?”

“Lasko!” Temerian said with some enthusiasm.

One of the brutes holding him punched him hard then, squarely in the stomach. He had not been at all prepared for that, not that preparation would have mattered, and the force of the blow forced him to double over.

The men holding him forced him up and slammed him hard, back against the wall. He gasped and coughed as his vision started to fade out around the edges, and for the briefest of moments he thought he might pass out, but then he gained his breath and his vision started to clear.

Temerian wheezed and managed to let out a quiet, “Captain Lasko.”

Lasko smiled a truly honest smile then, a smile that spoke of pleasure at watching another person’s pain and suffering, a smile that exposed the enjoyment from having complete power over another person’s life, a smile that revealed the true nature of the man that stood before him in the corridor, a sadistic psychopath.

Other people in the corridor didn’t even look in this direction, they walked by like there was nothing going on at all, not even daring to glance this way, while others turned around altogether and went back the way they had come. Whether they knew the nature of the powerful captain standing in the corridor, or simply wanted to avoid any encounter with Concord was irrelevant, it was an effective dissuasion either way.

“Bring him,” Lasko said shortly and turned, walking away.

The two hulks, one on either side of Temerian each holding him firmly by the arm and neck, forcefully turned him and half carried, half dragged him down the corridor after the captain.

As he was carted down the hall, his mind raced, “what the hell is going on?”

Temerian had a strong idea that Captain Lasko didn’t like him very much from a couple of close encounters with the man, but nothing in his mind that would draw this kind of reaction.

He knew the reputation of the man, and had heard rumors of how he deals with others so he had made it a point to avoid him altogether, but there was obviously no avoiding this.

Perhaps it was some kind of misunderstanding, “Uh, captain Lasko, what’s this….”

One of the men interrupted his question by smashing him hard with his fist right in the side of the head, which almost knocked him unconscious again and literally left him dazed and confused.

The captain had paid no heed to him whatsoever and had kept right on walking, with him being dragged behind.

After some unknown minutes when his mind began to clear he realized that some blood had run down onto his neck, possibly from his ear, but he was in no position to do anything about it at the moment.

The wet blood on his neck created a cool spot on his skin as he was dragged along, which formed quite the contrast with the heat and pain emanating from the side of his head where he had received the blow.

Temerian suddenly felt ill, his stomach turned over and it was all he could do to stop from puking on the floor, his head hurt badly and he thought he might have a concussion, which at the moment was the least of his concerns.

And all the while he was being dragged along he kept thinking, “this is bad.”

“But why?” be continued
Temerian Andedare


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