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Flynn is off for new adventures
Thanks for everything guys!!! I know there was still training to be done, but I've decided to jump in with GSF's new karmafleet.

Feel free to drop me a message in game any time or shoot at me next time we meet; I'll shoot back and send you a wave in local.

If this doesn't work out I'll be back for sure.

Fly safe o7
UK Player, EVE+0
Go be dangerous Flynn (I might look you up in a week or two BTW, I'm curious about how karmafleet is going to develop).

EDIT: You should join the Space Violence sig.
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Yeah drop me a message and I'll fill you in.
It looks absolutely nuts (in a good way). 10 mins in and there are fleets up to go mess with supers.
UK Player, EVE+0
Seeya around
Ciao Flynn...have fun! o7
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Fly safe, unless you're in Curse. In that case we'll be sure to pop you gently! o7
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Drop by anytime and don't forget to bring a friend :D

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