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Farewell, thank you, and good luck!
I have decided to take my leave. I wanted to say I really appreciate everything that I learned from the instructors. Excellent material, and I hope you guys continue the tradition for many more years.

I simply don't have it in me to sit on a bubble camp for 10 kills. After monitoring the kill board for a few days, and looking at the history, it would most likely take me several weeks of mostly boredom. I fully understand the reasons you do what you do, and that is why I take my leave rather than get removed, to free my choices up completely again.

I will keep my eyes open if you do eventually decide make any changes to that requirement, such as adding roaming, or somehow finding more action. If that happens I would most likely re-apply to complete, or re-take the courses if necessary.

I really appreciate what you all have done, and I wish you luck in your future!
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Zurakaru Ze
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