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Goodbye and so long everyone
The last one and half month has been a blast. I thank you all for the countless tips and advice you guys have provided me. Special mention goes to Willie and Dav for all the late night lessons and discussions, as well as Bren, Elan, Teri and Phanda for making life at the bubble so much fun. While I'm still not a very good PvPer, I sure am much better than before I joined OUCH.

Still, its time for me to move on. I've been accepted by Mordus Angels, and so its time to go kill some Goons :D I'll miss you guys and I'll be sure to advertise OUCH wherever I go. Once again, thank you all and take care. o7


If I do come back to 8G one day, and I happen to be FCing, it would be: primary Willie, secondary Bren, tertiary Dav, then entire fleet point/web/scram/jam/track/damp/paint on phanda and start orbiting her while Elan take pot shots at her and Teri can do a titan drive by :D
Good to know I'm not on that list lol
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And let me guess, "bump Phanda" as well?

[Image: tumblr_mm5ptpE99B1qacsh7o1_400.gif]

I feel...loved. Dodgy Thanks, Zaproks.

Lol, but really, best wishes. o7
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Hope you have a blast with them there goons.

Thanks for the donation to Corp too - nice gesture cleaning out your CL item hangar and ships!
See ya Zaprocks, hope you like the other NPC null!
ZaProks have fun !!!Mordus angles badass dude ,gz.
No need for tnx it was pleasure to help you on any way I could.To bad our TZs were so much different.
Anyway all best man and kill all things !!!!!!!!!
EU +2
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