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Thank You and So Long
It has been a great experience training with your guys and gals. I will take what I have learned here and help pass it on to others as I join a corp in a rebuilding phase looking to bring new players up to speed. I have made friends here and hop I don't find myself in your cross hairs but if I do, I tip and hat and thank you the reminder of the dangers of EVE. Wish I had the time to make the commitment to stay, train with you and teach, but I do not. Fly safe and keep the kill ratio high.

So long,

Ash Katara
Ask Katara
USA Player, EVE -8 hours

Fly Safe or Fly Dangerous, Just Don't Fly Stupid.
Eve Killboard - East US TZ
In the business of maintaining the high cost of implants since 2009.
o7 Best wishes!
Timezone: EVE -6 | Texas, USA
o7 take care
USA Player, EVE-5

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