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Willie Horton, Geldismund Kashuken, Joden Sii Oriki, Quintain Eriker and Bohden (Epsi Lon) all have my fondest thank you's! They all spent considerable time with me. O.U.C.H. is one great corporation. I wish it were for me. I came into this wanting to learn about pvp and I SURE did. Bubbles and all I have encountered in my time here. I leave with knowledge that will help me in my EVE career. If EVER you need a salvager, you know where I am.
It is with sadness, mixed with some pride in knowing I am a better capsuleer for having served here, that I reach for the bell.....

Fly Safe or Fly Dangerous, Just Don't Fly Stupid.
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At lest you tried and that is what many ppl in EVE never do.

I was really hoping you will pass it ,so it makes me sad a bit.Also maybe we could do more.
Anyway nice to know you man and fly safe,I hope it was worth it all time you spent here .
EU +2
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GL Capt. It was a pleasure flying with you
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