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I've been on the fence to go for Ops or move on for the last few days since graduation. Since my total EVE experience is collectively only ~1 1/2 months right now, I feel I need to move on for trying/learning other parts of the game to find my niche. I really think I'll end up mostly PvP'ing but I want to explore some other careers too. Most of that time would be during bubble camps, which I'd be away from the crew for. The training part actually sounds fun to me, helping fellow new players like myself.

I've enjoyed hanging out on the bubble, getting to know Ops/Students and reading Bren's blog. Cool crew and program all around! The training helped me learn about the game and how to have more fun. As a bonus, I totally stole Bren's peanut butter bacon sandwich recipe Smile

I may poke back once settled down and see what's up, just won't be as a roam while unfriendly in Curse Wink I know what happens there!

I may even come crawling back with tears or a few battlescars.

See you all around! o7

Thanks again!


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