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Good bye
Thanks to everyone in Ouch for what they are doing here.

Sadly, it looks like this just isn't the game for me. It looks amazing and some stuff in it is fabulous and great fun, but playing the game in a way that would be fun most of the time, would require me to rearrange my real life around this game, and that is just not going to happen.

With eve, you can't log on at any time and expect something to go down in the next hour or two, you have to log on at times when stuff is likely to happen and still bring a huge amount of patience to sit and wait for it. I'm not patient enough for that anymore, if I have to sit around my whole free time for days to maybe get some fun, it just isn't worth it anymore at that point - for me atleast.

Farewell o7

P.S. maybe I'll try beeing a pirate sometime in the future, atleast then there won't be a need to align my playtime with a corps activity, however at the moment, my motivation to even start the game is pretty much zero.
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