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Thanks and byes

My vacation is drawing to a close. I won't be able to play a lot of Eve after work starts again. Especially the late nights (here in Finland) when you guys have the bubble up, I'll have to sleep to be able to get any work done the next day.

Ouch training program was very nice. Even though I had a little bit of experience from earlier nullsec forays, I enjoyed every training module and learned something new from each.

When pvp happened on the bubble, it was awesome. When the fleet almost took the bait machariel and then bombed the interdictor while escaping without losses from the attacking fleet was the most fun I have had in Eve so far.

And lastly, you guys have an awesome community. All the instructors I got to meet, were most pleasant people. Building and maintaining a training community is a great service to Eve as a whole.

Thank you all for your great work!
EU Finnish player / EVE+3
USA Player, EVE-5
Good luck in all your future endeavors Amrian, was a pleasure having ya

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