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Frequently Asked Questions
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How much does the null survival / basic pvp course cost?

Nothing.   The course is free.  OUCH is a not-for-profit organization.  Open University students do not get charged a fee for training, however donations (isk, modules, ships) are always welcome.  

Do you require an API key?

The "open" in Open University of Celestial Hardship really means "open".  We accept anyone that applies.  If you're going to try spy on our operations, we're really not hard to find.  If you're going to try to steal from us, you're not going to get rich.  

How often do you hold classes and how long are the sessions?

OUCH holds approximately 12-16 classes a month, at least 3 sessions per week.  One class per week is held late night Wednesday (US), early morning Thursday (EU) which is convenient to Central / Mountain / Pacific US pilots.  The remaining classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays in the evening EU time, or afternoon East Coast / Central US time.  A session typically is three hours.

How long will it take for me to graduate?

We give a student 90 days to complete the course.   How long it actually takes depends on three things:  Where we are on the schedule, or class rotation, when you join us; when you can arrange your schedule to take the available classes; and, of course, how well we have arranged our own schedules to teach classes.  

The first one is a matter of luck, if you come in when the next class is the first one in the rotation, and subsequent classes line up for your schedule, then you can be complete in a couple of weeks.  Our record is 6 days but that is not the norm.  The second is totally in the students hands.  The third, well, that's us.  We try very hard not to cancel classes, but sometimes, it happens.

One to two months seems to be the average amount of time for an active pilot to complete all of the classes.   Of course, you have to fit a null sec survival run and some actual pvp experience in there to graduate.

When and where are the classes scheduled?

All classes are posted on the in game calender in Eve time.  Classes are held in high sec, a couple of jumps from the minor trade hub of Berta, our high sec staging area.  

What do I need to move to the high sec base in Berta and what should I do when I get there?  

We recommend that you bring whatever ship that you would fly in high sec to do PvE, and do whatever you would normally do to entertain yourself in the Derelik region while you wait for classes.  Mission or mine, run complexes or explore.  If you have an area that you would like to remain in while you wait for classes, that is fine with us, just give yourself sufficient time to travel to classes in Derelik according to the schedule.  

Berta is a minor trade hub and you will find all of the T1 ships and modules we use seeded there, or are close by.  A major trade hub, Rens, is eight jumps from Berta.  Our Students fly Incursus, Merlins, Rifters and Tormentors with T1 fittings.  The fits are saved in our Corp Fittings and are posted on the forum.

We recommend fitting four student frigs ships and staging them in Berta.  We have no restrictions on what you fly in high sec for PvE, we just don't want you traveling in low sec or null before you've been trained to do so.

Lots of player corps have lower taxes than you, why is your tax rate so high?

At 9 percent, our tax rate is lower than an NPC corporation.  The income received from taxes allows us to build replacement frigates we give to students who lose them in our training fleets.  Every graduate gets an OUCH Graduate medal which costs 5 million ISK.  We think it actually costs money to graduate a student, so if you mission or rat, your contribution helps us to pay some of our expenses.

Where should I set my medical clone?

We recommend that you initially set your medical clone to Berta, so that if you get podded in null sec, you don't end up 30 odd jumps from our operating areas.  You should always make sure your clone is up to date before you head out through low sec into null.  

What about implants and jump clones?

We think it's not very smart for someone who is learning survival techniques to fly with expensive implants in null sec, so we recommend that students make jump clones and jump into a clean clone before they head to join us in null.  PvPers love to kill pods with expensive implants and we're not in the business of making those guys happy.  

You can make jump clones once you have trained the Infomorph Psychology skill.  

What happens if I can't finish the course in 90 days?

We expel inactive players on a regular basis.  If you haven't trained in 30 days or completed the course in 90 days, we kick you out of the program.  We aren't going to ask you, what happened, are you still training?   If you talk to us before you reach a tripwire, we will extend your stay.  

If I do get expelled, can I come back?  

We almost always let students return to OUCH to complete training.  Reapply and let us know that you got expelled for inactivity but now you are ready to complete your training.  

We will frequently let students back if they were expelled for failing to follow our student regulations, on a case by case basis.  We just expect that if you're going to train with us, you'll follow our rules.

Do you give private lessons?  

We no longer give private lessons.  We may schedule an extra training session if we feel that too many students are ready for a particular class and there is too long of a wait before the next class.

I'm already an experienced PvPer, will you waive my classes and let me just come out and fight?

Unfortunately, no.  Many of us were experienced PvPers before we came to OUCH.  Small and large gang PvPers.  High sec and Low sec PvPers.  SOV warfare pilots.  Capital pilots.  All of us have gone through the classes and have learned that there are a lot of things that we either didn't know or have been doing wrong.  The classes help us get everyone on our team reading from the same page.  We wouldn't waste your time if we didn't think you would gain from it.  

Do you teach advanced PvP classes, destroyer or cruiser gangs, black ops, EWAR, FC training, etc?

Our students fly and learn to tackle in our training fleets, in T1 frigates.  Our instructors fly the  more advanced ships (SB's, assault frigates, interceptors, cruisers, recons, interdictors, etc)  that they qualify to fly in our continuing training program.  All of our instructors train to be FCs.  We do not teach students to fly covert ops ships, EWAR ships, DPS cruisers or the like.  Learning to fly those ships is one of the benefits of membership as an OUCH instructor.

Do you have group PvE activities?  Missioning, mining, etc?

OUCH is a PvP training corp, and as such, we do not teach PvE.  However, most of OUCH instructors do PvE as source of income.  We have knowledgeable instructors who will give you advice and coach you through some of the PvE aspects of Eve Online, but we don't take people out on PvE operations.  

Do I have to use Voice Comms?  If so, which ones?

Voice Comms are required while you are in OUCH.  You will be required to have a working microphone.  We will not let you listen and chat back to us in the in game chat channels.  That slows down our communications and we don't wish to gimp ourselves by being unable to pass information at the speed of talk.  

We use Teamspeak 3.  We know that there is an in game voice chat, Eve Voice, we just don't use it.  Nor do we use Mumble or Ventrilo, although they are good voice over IP programs.   You will get our Teamspeak information in game.  

[The OUCH FAQ is a living document: as people ask more questions, we will put the answers to the most common questions here.]
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