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Last month, Ripard Teg of Jester's Trek fame, posted a where he was commenting on the tactics of Rooks and Kings.

Quote:When Rooks and Kings are willing to fight you, it's a good sign they have something big up their sleeves. Fighting them is only suicide unless you have absolutely overwhelming superiority, that eschews any difference of tactics.

It touched me, because similar things have been said about Art of War Alliance.

Quote:If you see AWA on the field, and they aren't running away, they probably know something you don't know.

So when Ripard invited people to discuss this, I couldn't help but join in. We had a little discussion on the killboard culture.

"If being 'elite' in a game means you can kill without losses". I like where this is going. You see, I have a problem with people who have high efficiencies who claim that they are out there just looking for "good fights" but will relentlessly kill new players that wander into "places they should know better not to go into". I have problems with people who think that Eve should be about fair fights, yet have mission runners and miners among the their kills.

If Eve were populated by people who could agree to rules of conduct for fights, then we would have fair fights. But so long as Eve PvP is non-consensual, there is no such thing as fair, or even.

There's my real point. I undock, I see a ship of the same class I am, I get in a fight. Flip a coin.

Who does that? No one.

And if the value of the killboard isn't in the kills, where do you think the value is? No one asked me, but I'll tell you guys cause I like you:

It's in the losses, of course.
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