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Bren: Speaking of sinks and faucets
You doing all right over there? Hope Sandy isn't flooding you out of house and home.
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(10-30-2012, 03:21 AM)NatashaK Wrote: You doing all right over there? Hope Sandy isn't flooding you out of house and home.
I made it through okay.

The winds were scary but I was less worried about flooding until I went online and saw that Avenue C in NYC was under water. I watched two movies yesterday cause the weather people were getting under my skin, and the calls from the state to Evacuate didn't help.

But we didn't flood, nothing serious got broken. Never lost power for more than seconds. Couple of trees down in my yard. They missed my sheds, but looks like one might have gotten a piece of the fence. I haven't walked the yard yet, but I don't think we took any major damage. I put my car back out on the street last night cause I was afraid of the tree limbs of my old dogwood in the front yard. I checked the street for water last night and felt pretty safe when I went to bed.

My sister in NYC has a power outage, so does the friend I went out with on Saturday night. I think that the really excellent bar I was hanging out at on Avenue A in the East Village might have gotten flooded. That would suck cause I want to go back there. My dad had power last I checked. I've been monitoring all of the outages and texting them to make sure they are okay. My sister was more worried about me.

I'm getting ready for work, my office opens at noon. I don't know how many people will actually be in, and I don't know how much work is actually going to get done. We'll see.

And Nat: great to hear from you son. Shy
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Glad to hear from you as well and that nothing major happened around you. I'm still waiting to hear back from some of my NYC friends. No doubt their power is out. I was considering taking the little lady there next month, since she's never been, but I'll wait 'til later.

I'll need to log into comms sometime.
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