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BullMastiff: Being a Relentless Competitor
My Eve mentor is a pilot named Krytan, he's one of a handful of people I call "best friend" in real life. He introduced me to a good friend of his two years ago, BullMastiff of A4D, a pilot that he loves and respects. It's kind of rubbed off onto me. I flew with Bull and Krytan briefly before I joined OUCH, and they went on to bigger and better things in Eve.

BullMastiff is one of the leaders of Appetite 4 Destruction. They are very good PvPers. We in OUCH try hard to keep off of their overview. Cool

Here in Curse, Bullmastiff and I have been friendly adversaries for over a year now. I won't deny that I've learned a lot from BullMastiff, from watching A4D operate, to camping a bubble, to roaming in frig and cruiser gangs. We OUCH veterans attribute our skill at multiple ship combat to his tutoring us one night in our camp.

We had five cruisers incoming and we were about to run, and Bull calmly said, You can take these guys. Low and behold, five cruisers engaged us, and five cruisers died, none of them ours. I'm a big fan of A4D in general and BullMastiff in particular: Everyone should have a coach.

I saw the following post on A4D's recruit thread, and I automatically hit the "Like" button. Bull sent me a note and told me he saw that I liked it and gave me permission to put it on our forum.

And he told me that what he said applies to OUCH. Smile

Fly Safe or Fly Dangerous, Just Don't Fly Stupid.
- East US TZ
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