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More with Less
I had a couple of unplanned (i.e. stupid) PvP losses early this month. One was a 100 million isk Naga. That loss would not have been that bad if I had not tragically lost my beautiful 200 million ISK Ashimmu the day before.

OUCH's limited ship replacement program doesn't cover expensive losses by veteran pilots who should have known better. I'm a guy that believes that it's a rare thing when someone takes my ship without my performance contributing to the loss. In the face of this, I've pushed my personal reset button and started flying cheap again.

Back to basics. If Eve was basketball, I'd be practicing foul shots and doing lay-up drills.

2 years ago, I used to fly stealth bombers in a DPS support role. Today, OUCH uses fleet support SBs as part of our fleet doctrine. As that doctrine evolved, (i.e. we got more SB pilots) I migrated into ECM ships, eventually learning to make my opponents cry when I decloak in a Falcon.

QINTAKI Wrote:Your tears fuel our Falcons.

But this month, I've left the Falcon in the hanger and started undocking in Griffins and Blackbirds again. I'd forgotten how much fun Griffins can be.

I've always said I get a whole lot of enjoyment breaking other people's expensive ships while flying inexpensive ones. Case and point, I bought a stack of 20 Stabbers about two years ago. I think the hulls cost less than 2 million a hull at the time. Fleet fit, and not even fully T2 fit half of the time, they can't possibly cost me more than 20 million a ship, probably closer to 10. (Maybe even less if fit them with T1 fittings that people donate to OUCH when they visit us on the bubble.) Tongue

I'm a pretty conservative pilot, I don't lose a lot of ships, so I haven't reached the bottom of the stack yet. Those cheap Minnie cruisers have given me hours of enjoyment, allowing me to destroy a gross of ships 5 to 10 times their value.

I've had a lot of luck with a Moa fit I picked up from Agony Unleashed's Toterra on Scram Web. I put one together with meta 4 guns and faction ammo, it's DPS is decent and has allowed me to wreck quite a few ships. I lost one to a 20 man BC/HAC gang taking down a bait Drake, but I probably destroyed a couple of billion isk in my first Moa before I lost her. I sent Toterra a "Thank You" note.

The former scout frigates got a nice little buff and are now Attack Frigates. I've always liked them for scout ships and used them for budget bookmarker ships. Now they are even better, with enough mid slots to have great utility, and a little bit more bite. We're still putting our students in the Incursus, Merlin, Rifter and Tormentor, but the Atron, Condor, Executioner and Slasher are now viable combat ships that we're playing around with as interceptor trainers.

With T1 EWAR ships supporting tacklers in Combat and the much improved Attack Frigates, OUCH pilots are taking down ships worth hundreds of millions of ISK, and giggling like schoolgirls the whole time. We flew a T1 frigate roam with our neighbors last week and tore through much more expensive fleets like a school of bluefish. It's hard to keep the grin off your face when the value of the ship you just destroyed exceeds the value of your entire fleet. You laugh all the way to the bank when the sale of a single T2 module taken as loot pays for the replacement of the single ship lost taking it.

With material prices higher than we've ever seen, ship prices, especially T2's have gone through the roof and it's hurting the small gang PvPers more than the large gang, SOV holding PvPers: SOV holders typically fly T1 ships, battle ships and battlecruisers, but they also have huge war chests that pay to replace those ships. Small gangs tend to fly lighter ships, with high damage outputs, like HACs and pirate cruisers, and those ships typically cost twice what a well fit battlecruiser is worth, but their corps don't typically replace lost HACs and pirate cruisers. The small gang PvPer is expected to be self-sufficient and provide for himself.

Don't fly what you can't afford to lose. Right. No problem.

So we're seeing more solo 'Cane's and Drake's when we used to see Cynabals and Vagabonds. Seeing more Navy Frigs and Dessies where we used to see Dramiels. Seeing more Navy Cruisers where we used to see HAC/BC gangs.

And yeah, we're harvesting tears with Griffins. Angel
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