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Leaving for unknown space
Hello guys,

I thought there was a timer on leaving a corp for some reason, so I pretty much just abruptly left the corp without saying goodbye, unintentionally. D:

Anyway, I can still write my goodbyes here, so all is well.

I've decided to join up with a wormhole corp I already had a standing offer to join before I graduated. After searching, asking, and hanging in public channels, it seems it is not all that easy to find someone that will accept you, especially not a new guy.

Anyway, docking up my Rifters and Merlins in favor of a measly Probe for the time being. I suppose I'll see you guys [morganfreemanvoice]through the wormhole[morganfreemanvoice] Tongue

Thanks for the instruction, thanks for the invaluable time on the bubble, and the patience with my piloting stupidity. I love you guys.

Hope the wormhole thing goes well for you - hopefully see you around curse some time...


(The timer only operates if you hold roles in the corp)
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Good luck Sulzer. Looking forward to meet you in the hole Smile
I had a good time flying with you Sulz!
You take care and make ure new corpies proud.

Ave atque vale.
Dutch player, EVE time +1

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Pleasure flying with you, fly dangerous.
o/ gl hf. pleasure playin with ya!
USA Player, EVE-5

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