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Thanks for the killmails :-)
Top two kills in OUCH:
1. Tagging that drake while Arch puts up a stop bubble catching all his fleetmates.
2. Killing that Cane in Said Card's fleet while they watch hopeless....and getting it televised.

Thanks for the killmails and camp curse. It was a real pleasure flying with each and every one of you. Special thanks to Bren, Ze, and KT for putting up with my noob shit. Also thanks to everyone who has podded me - one lesson at a time. Just when I think I'm a little less crappy, Eve reminds me that I have much much to learn. Thank you helping me kill more die less.
I know you guys do this for basically nothing - I hope you know that people like me appreciate it (and your patience).

Here's to hoping we'll cross paths again - and not in the same bubble.

Cheers and o7

American Player, EVE - 5
You're welcome. Smile
Fly Safe or Fly Dangerous, Just Don't Fly Stupid.
Eve Killboard - East US TZ
In the business of maintaining the high cost of implants since 2009.
Good luck out there and may you harvest many a denzen of New Eden in your travels.
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