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New Merlin layout
It's a hell of a lot easier to fit an Incursus now (CPU was always tight and still is, but it's manageable now). Two extra low slots means you can fit a tank along with mag stabs or overdrive injectors now. It's also got a better tank to begin with now, so I guess it's less of a glass cannon. Not sure I like losing the falloff bonus to an armor repair bonus - blasters could use all the help they can get in the range department. I've already seen a fit for a dual-rep Incursus though Smile

Merlin gets another low, so the MAPC everyone needs to fit a medium shield extender/repairer doesn't hurt as much (our dual-web layout gets a DC). It has more power grid, too.

Tormentor can actually fit the holy trinity of tackle and gets a the biggest T1 drone bay, but I can't use lazers so...

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