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Tough post to write ..
I just pressed relinquish roles on corp ..

Dybs more than 2 years old and was created specifically to join OUCH .. and Ive been flying with you guys actively for more than 18 months .. and it has been a real blast but I find myself being pulled away from EVE by the inevitability of RL
I've learned a huge amount, basic skills and advanced - CampoV thank you for your wisdom and your patience, Bren - thanks for your professionalism and pragmatism and iBallista - for being a mentor and top geezer.

I've also really enjoyed training .. and it makes me proud that some of the guys I had a hand in training have stayed in corp and are active members keeping the tradition going . and I think this is the thing I will miss the most.
I am planning to join RvB for a couple of months to sharpen up on roaming skills and small ship warfare and then on ..

That said .. im keeping a clone and some ships in CL .. just in case.

I dropped a couple of rigged ships in Corp hangar including my Happy Rainbow Fleet BB .. I hope the guys get some use out of them ..

Good luck, Dyb. It's been fun flying with you.
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Dyb, it's been a pleasure flying with you. When we combined Ops with Training, you stepped up to the plate even when you weren't getting a lot of time to fly in fleet. I really appreciate your contribution to OUCH's success.

RvB works for quick casual PvP. I've often thought about putting an alt in there, but it's probably not structured enough for me. We'll leave the light on for you.

I'm certain I hate May.
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Good luck and fly safe.

Damn i'm starting to dislike may too.
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happy trails dyb
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Good luck, see you round. o7.
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