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Another goodbye
Hi all

As much as I hate to do it...

I too need to leave OUCH.

However in my case, I will not be joining a new corp for now.
As you noticed in the months ever since about february I've been off and on very irregurarly. Reason for this is usually RL interfering.

That means I can sometimes come online for days and then be offline for weeks. They are not bad RL things, but a lot
including work, our house which has a ton of work on it, kids, family etc...etc..etc...

I am just not able to be an OPS member the way I should for a long time now and it doesn't look like anything will change short term.

My current thought is to move myself somewhere else and maybe spend the game time i do have on pve and the occasional solo roam. You might see me run around Curse a couple of times in the coming days, but then I probably wont be in there much anymore.

I will miss being in this corp, I will miss the fun on TS and stuff like that, however those nights are usually late nights to me and I am not able to do this a lot in the near future anymore.

I want to thank everyone who I have had the privilege to fly with in the past years. I've always enjoyed being in OUCH. I've seen OUCH when it was still a 'just go out there and die a lot' type of learning experience (which was highly valuable because of all the experienced players out there) till the well set-up training ground for future pvp and nullsec players it has become today.

Maybe someday I will return, if RL will let me. Till safe, keep up the good work, ecm the shit out of everyone (especially the Quantum guys who seemed to have returned to Curse) and hopefully I will see you around sometimes.
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Good luck, Vinnie. Like I said to you before, we'll leave the light on for you.

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Best wishes, Vinnie. You were one of the first and one of the anchors. Good luck, my friend.
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Hope this doesn't mean I have to use a locator agent to keep tabs on you. EVE won't be the same Vinnie-less.

Have fun!

Sniff, don't go. You were my first 2man gang teacher/buddy in ouch. Those skipping-work-playing-eve-pvp-mornings (for my timezone) were super fun.

And totally understand, i have a very similar issue atm with my RL or is it with EVE not sure Tongue
So have a great RL, have fun, and as bren said, we won't leave just the light on. We'll try to leave constant explosions on Wink
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o7 Fly safe, brother.
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Good luck and see you round. o7
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