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A long goodbye
I have been involved with OUCH since day one. As a complete EVE noob the concept that Black Claw had was very appealing to me - on a lot of levels. I thought that it sounded like something I could benefit from and help with at the same time.

My game time has always been limited and my input into the equation was more of a behind the scenes assistant to Black Claw, helping set up the forums and, at the time, website etc. Those early days in OUCH's history were somewhat chaotic, we didn't really have anyone on board with both experience and the patience/ability to share their knowledge so teaching/learning was very unstructured and more a case of trial and error. We had drama! Suffering from a very disheartening corp theft, a small mutiny amongst the then core people and a couple of quite inconvenient War Dec's.

However, as the saying goes 'what doesnt kill you makes you stronger' and over time OUCH has attracted new core people to its cause Campo, Bren and eventually MT and as a result has transformed into a corp that is very good at filling its niche in the EVE Universe. On top of all that the corp achieves in terms of teaching we could also probably write THE book on how to Bubble Camp a system Wink

Anyway, enough of the reminiscing... from a personal perspective I seem to have arrived at a point in my EVE life where OUCH is no longer the equilibrium that it once was for me and as a result I have decided to move on and join Agony in the hope of learning some different and new aspects of the game.

I genuinely believe that OUCH is special within EVE and I wish you guys all the best... keep doing what you're doing, EVE needs it.

o7 iBall

Timezone: EVE +0

Thank you for your service, iBall. The foundation of OUCH was built by you and your contemporaries. We could not have become what we are today without your support, so thank you again for being there for us.

You've made a great choice of a follow on corp. I look forward to seeing you on our occasional forays with Agony.

Fair winds and following seas.

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Hey Ibal! You will be missed! I salute you and am happy I was there in the less organised times with you as well( if my memory serves me right you were the first one to take me and someone else on a roam which went well till we ran into Miss Teri)
Wish you good luck at Agony!
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Enjoy the new adventure. And thanks!

Zurakaru Ze
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Best of luck, iBall. May your enemies forever quiver under your guns!
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o7 best wishes iball
Canadian Player, EVE-4
Have fun!


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