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It's a Training Corp
Recently Agony Unleashed and Eve University were called out by CCP Uniflex for teaching him how to play Eve. Not too shabby. They are well known corporations with reputations for helping people learn concepts in Eve Online that are pretty tough to grasp unless you have teachers.

Within the last year or so, I've found that where Agony Unleashed and Eve University are talked about, Open University of Celestial Hardship [0UCH] is at least an honorable mention. Makes us feel pretty good considering the company we're rubbing elbows with. But OUCH isn't Eve University, and OUCH isn't really Agony either. We're some kind of corporate hybrid of the two.

The bastard child of Agony and Eve Uni? /laughs

Eve University is a high sec based Training corp. They have 1400 members, students and staff, of various levels of knowledge. They teach courses via lecture, MP3 and on their wiki on many different aspects of Eve: ships, fittings, mining, missioning, trading, etc. You name it, they probably have a course for it. I admire what Eve Uni does, they have provided a service to generations of new players for years now, and they even PvP under the banner of the Ivy League Navy, but no one is going to mistake Eve Uni for a PvP corp.

Agony Unleashed is a null sec based PvP corp with about 400 members. A small contingent of those pilots periodically provide training on certain aspects of PvP, through their "PvP University" program. You do not need to be a member of Agony to take their classes. Their PvP Basic course gets taught probably once a month over two days: four hours of lecture, followed by at least four hours of roaming in a frigate gang, looking for fights. Their course covers the basics of EWAR, communications, fleet movement, bookmarking, dscan, weaponry, then they take you out the next night to give you a taste of null sec PvP combat.

Miss Teri and I recently had the opportunity to take Agony Unleashed's PvP Basic Course. I enjoyed my time flying with them: it gave us the opportunity to be just regular pilots in a larger fleet, roaming about looking for trouble. I moved a jump clone and some ships out to their staging area and plan to take the opportunity to rejoin them as Agony Alumni. Miss Teri has already had second roam with them and had a blast. Previous to this, OUCH received a private Interdictor Class from Agony's PvP Director, Azual Skoll, where we picked up some more tools to use in the OUCH toolbox.

Agony's PvP Basic and OUCH's Basic PvP have a decent amount of overlap, so as an OUCH Instructor, I found the Agony PvP Basic course a decent refresher for most of the things that we teach every week. There were a couple of game mechanics that Agony confirmed for us and maybe even one or two that I didn't know before. All in all, it was a positive experience.

I admire what Agony does. They are a high ranked PvP corporation, passing along what they've learned to the masses. They have recently opened their wiki to the public. But they aren't a Training corp, they just get mistaken for one. They are a PvP corp that for a fee periodically gives training to members of the community.

OUCH is a null sec based Training corp. We have about 120 members, mostly students. Every permanent member of OUCH is required to teach part of our nine hour null sec survival and basic PvP course. Then we give our students a taste of PvP combat in our regular fleets, camping in our home systems in Curse. Idle members, student and staff alike, are expelled to keep the rolls tidy. All permanent members of OUCH continue to train on more advanced techniques in more advanced ships, mainly on the Singularity server. We're small, and home grown for the most part. We sometimes get mistaken for a PvP corp, but really, we're a Training corp that does small gang PvP.

We're three different corporations, with similar goals to help the Eve community at large. Eve Uni does it by helping people to learn how to play Eve, Agony does it by helping people get a better combat PvP experience, and OUCH does it by helping people learn to travel and survive in low and null sec space.

I think it's best to say that in a perfect world a new player interested in Eve PvP could join Eve Uni and learn the game, then join OUCH and learn how to travel and fight in null sec, then join a big corp and take some Agony Unleashed courses to become a better PvPer.

It's not a competition. OUCH isn't trying to be as big as Eve Uni, or as highly ranked as Agony. We're just trying to do our part to help some pilots learn another part of the game.

All while having some fun being mistaken for PvPers.

* * * * * * *

Here's a handful of articles mentioning OUCH since we started doing what we are doing. Damn, it's been two years. Time flies.

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