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Camping Versus Roaming
Roaming. You jump from system to system searching. Sometimes you don't find anything. Sometimes you get the greatest fights of your life.

Camping. You sit in a system and wait. Sometimes you don't catch anything. Sometimes you get the greatest fights of your life.

Open University of Celestial Hardship typically doesn't take people out on roams. The Art of War Alliance bubble camp in Curse allows students and instructors to leave and join a fleet as their schedules permit. By maintaining the fleet in one location, no student or instructor has to play catch up with the fleet to have some fun, or to get some training. Roaming techniques are part of our curriculum, so that when an OUCH graduate does roam, it isn't all new to them. We just find that taking our students on roams is a lot more work than we are willing to dedicate time toward.

OUCH's main focus is to have a program that encourages people to give up high sec and try out null. OUCH's Camp Curse gives brand new players a taste of null sec combat. Our style is not for everyone, and unless they want to stay and help us teach, we encourage our graduates to move on to bigger and better things. Open University has graduates in large null sec alliances like The Initiative, TEST Alliance Please Ignore and GoonSwarm, as well as small gang PvP corps and alliances like Appetite 4 Destruction, Shadow Cartel and Agony Unleashed.

For every 4 frigates that land in our bubble, we kill something special. It's like Christmas every day, we never know what we are going to get. For every 10 ships we kill, we get a gang of roamers looking for a fight. If they bring something we think we can kill, they get a fight. Don't misunderstand, we don't fight for a "good fight": we gave up the concept of "good fight" a over year ago. We fight to win and "winning" is defined as "you, in your clone vat, and us, salvaging your wreck."

We get a lot of unsolicited advice telling us that we need to be roaming, so much so you'd think the people giving us the advice were paying for our play time. They must feel they're not getting their money's worth.

Strangely enough, we've never told anyone that they were wasting their time roaming. Maybe it's because we've figured out that everyone plays their own Eve.
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