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Departing due to Timezone and Revised Goals
Hi All

Firstly i would like to thankyou all for making my stay here in OUCH pleasant and for also making my time here worthwhile.

I would love to stay but due to my evetime being very different to most of you im thinking i really need to find a bunch of aussies to enjoy Eve with.

One of my early goals in Eve was to setup a POS in a WH and this has started to stir in me again and am looking at starting out in a C1 or C2 to start off with which is perhaps my main reason for leaving.

Accolades to CampoV ... Your a very good trainer and as said before i would and do reccommend the course to anyone who wants to start out in 0.0. Ive had a great time and in particular when ive been able to make saturday mornings and align at the time most of you are on.

So i will be heading back to my old corp and well yeah... I'm goin Wormholing

Cheers and thanks for the laughs on the bubble fly safe safe safe Wink
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Cheers Leeon, and fly safe! o7 Wink
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Have fun!



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