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How to Get Kicked Out of OUCH
Looking at the list above, it should be obvious to you why you were expelled. The list boils down to two basic reasons:

1) You didn't do any training.

2) You broke the rules.

When we kick people, we do it simple. No evemails begging you to start training or explaining that since you took a Drake into low-sec we have to expel you. From our point of view you don't want to stay in the corp, so why spend time on you?

Now, if you were just inactive, you're welcome to re-apply and start/continue your training. If you still don't train, we'll just kick you again.

If you ignored the rules, then in general we don't want you back. If you were just incredibly stupid, and broke the rules by accident, you have a better chance. Either way, we probably won't ignore you if you talk to us in OUCH-UNI.

"I hope you all enjoy your worms"  -CCP Rise

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