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Tier 3 Battlecruisers
There's a lot of speculation about what a game changer the new Tier 3 Battlecruisers are going to prove to be. I've been thinking about how they are going to affect small gang PvP, (which is kind of what OUCH does) what role they are going to fill and what the defense going to be for them.

Right now, in my opinion, the Tier 2 BC's are the best ships in the game at the small gang level. HACs are awesome ships, but toe to toe, pound for pound, tank for tank, they are not Battlecruisers. Their advantage over BCs is speed, excellent ranged DPS and the ability to disengage from the fight.

The Tier 3 BCs won't have the tank that the Tier 2's have, so HACs set up to fight in close will have an advantage against them. But at range, HACs are going to have to keep up traversal to stay alive and high traversals mean a reduction in DPS for the HAC pilot also.

So in the small gang arena, I think Tier 3 BCs are going to end up as kiting HAC killers. HAC pilots will, of course, adapt fits to get in close and tear up Tier 3's under their guns.

Of course, HAC pilots might start flying Tier 3 BC's as improved HACS, because they get a fast ship with even bigger guns. This doesn't take into account the kind of matchup Tier 2 and Tier 3 BCs might look like. Proof is in the fitting. Maybe we'll start seeing balanced fleets with ships covering more diverse roles roles besides the generic "more DPS is better".

The best plans rarely survive first contact with the enemy, and CCP's plans for these ships probably won't survive first contact with the player base.

Rock is fine, nerf Scissors. Signed, Paper.

So the most important thing I see from the info coming out on the new Tier 3 Battlecruisers (and other ship changes) is that nothing is final. Everything is subject to change as CCP checks (and hopefully rechecks) to make sure we get a balanced game.
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