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Everyone Hates ECM
I fly a lot of ECM ships. OUCH loves EWAR in general and ECM especially. Recently, I've been asked why so many people hate ECM so much.

All races have EWAR: When you Paint something, it makes damage dealers better. When you Damp something, it makes lock times longer and decreases your targeting range, but it doesn't negate damage once you're in range. When you Tracking Disrupt something, it reduces damage dealing, but if your target is big enough or slow enough, you don't notice.

In PvP, Damage is King. ECM negates Damage. ECM sucks.

ECM negates damage. It doesn't reduce it. It negates it. It makes guys who live to blow stuff up totally ineffective. In the hands of a skilled pilot, it makes 1 ECM ship can be worth 3 or 4 DPS ships. That's why people hate it when it's used against them: If you really wanted to play fair, you'd fly something that does damage and take like a man.

ECM is also an unpopular choice to fly as a pilot. Most guys that try out ECM ships, they don't like it when they get primaried and killed in the first few seconds of the fight. ECM ships typically are not built to take damage. Takes a little bit of dedication to stick with ECM ships. They break easily.

The other EWAR types at least can tank and do damage too, but an ECM pilot will typically usually sacrifice tank and damage dealing to bring the strongest jammers that they can.

It takes a lot of Skill Training to be a good ECM pilot. Skill Training equals Time. If you jump in a Blackbird with Cruisers 3 without decent EWAR and ECM skills, you're not going get good jams, you will be primaried and you will lose your ship. Discouraged, you'll want to fly something else. Something that makes a difference. Something that helps the fleet. Something that does damage.

Damage dealers get killmails, posting final blows and the most damage. ECM pilots don't get that kind of glory. Like logistics pilots, ECM is a support role. In fact, if you're doing your job jamming the rest of the fleet, you'll probably miss out on a lot of kills. Where's the fun in that?

MMO's are all about gank and tank, and in Eve PvP, so long as Damage is King, ECM is just a Gimmick.

And that's fine with me. Smile
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