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Falcon Down
We had a fight. Standard fleet composition: Tackle, DPS, and EWAR ships. Three battlecruisers land on a tac, fourth lands in the bubble. We attack, and the other three jump in.

The second BC is still in shields when we lose the Falcon.

I can sense tears drying through Curse at the thought of AWA-OUCH losing an ECM ship.

The order goes out to bail, but we lose a cruiser and a frigate in the escape.

Maybe the FC and the ECM pilot were a little overconfident to take on three Drakes and a 'Cane with a fleet of Cruisers, Frigs and Bombers. Maybe the Falcon pilot was just unlucky to miss the jam. Maybe we over-rely on the power of ECM and we had it coming.

More tears are drying in Curse.

But it really comes down to our failure to control the fight. Four Battlecruisers jumped purposefully into our camp and we let them fly around like they owned the place.

We had full EWAR support: ECM, tracking disruptor and sensor dampers. A missed jam shouldn't kill us, but somehow we let it go upside down on us.

What we failed to do was the most basic of Eve PvP: Tackle.

We didn't tackle as many of our opponents as we could, which left our ECM vulnerable by allowing our adversaries to manuever. We had an EWAR plan, but we didn't have a simple tackle plan.

Compounding this, the FC chose to kill the target of opportunity, ('Cane) instead of killing the original primary.

Could the FC have called a bug out earlier? Yep. Could the Falcon pilot have warped off and back to saved his ship? Probably. But they were experienced pilots, doing what they normally do well. It just went badly.

So back to basics: Joe tackle 1, Mike and Jeff, on 2, Fred on 3. Scrams, webs and points. Control the ability of your opponents to manuever and control the fight. Then add a dash of properly applied EWAR, and when a jam misses, it's a bump in the road, not a train wreck. And then kill a real threat, not the one in your face.

Enough of the lecture: Back to the bubble.

OUCH is a training corporation. None of us are elite PvPers. We're all committed to teaching, but all of us are learning, even the instructors. As long as we learn from our mistakes, we can afford to lose a Falcon here and there. It's not like we don't have spares.

We keep them in stacks, along with boxes and boxes of tissues.
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