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Time for my Merlin to leave the nest
I've been pondering it for a while - a few weeks leading up to my extended hiatus and then again on my return: it's time for me to leave OUCH.

I have nothing but warm fuzzy feelings to OUCH/AWA & many of you will be sorely missed. My entire PvP experience in EVE has come from OUCH, I've learnt so much. Huge thanks to the trainers, and then to the FCs for helping me become at least semi-competent Smile


There was always a niggle in the back of my head, that my sporadic online times weren't very helpful to the overall mission of OUCH. Once graduated, I wasn't giving anything back to help training and by rights I should've moved on. Thankfully the Ops dept soon opened, gave purpose to my residency and the doubts calmed.

The recent post asking for Ops members to step up and volunteer to train got me re-thinking: I should, I want to, but can I? I don't think I can, things are still too hectic. Perfect example: last night, I sat down for a planned 6 hour EVEathon, and get a phone call after 15 minutes dragging me AFK for 3 hours.

That happens far too regularly for me and could easily be mid-lesson. That's completely unacceptable, I wouldn't allow it. Real life sucks but you've got to pay the bills :D


Where will I go now? I have nothing lined up, time will tell. I'll still be in PvP, I know that much. Maybe see if one of our blues will have me despite my lack of consistent times. (Feel the need to clarify: You've been really understanding of them, its my own attitude that's invoked this move).

It's been great, I've had fun, and this isn't a proper goodbye because I'll see you all in space Smile

- Quarti
Have fun!


The clock is ticking.
Good luck to you, and may you always do more damage than you take!

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From another player with irregular and limited game time, I know how you feel - OUCH does evoke a want to put more in than you take out!

It's been fun flying with you, good luch and see you around. o7
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