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Leaving the Dorm Room, but moving right down the street from campus.
Good Luck o7
Timezone: EVE +0

I'll be sad to see you go, as I was hoping you were going to become another of our trainers. I understand that making money is pretty important to, so I wish you all the best!
Founder and once-CEO of OUCH and AWA
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how come Breedi's and Campov's times are later than the forum time? Weird....
Founder and once-CEO of OUCH and AWA
Timezone: Australia, +10 Eve time
Hi all,

After some pondering, and realizing that my current commitments outside the game weren't going to let me contribute to OUCH's training group the way I'd hoped, I've decided to join up with the Naraka alliance (Specifically the Angels RP corp Ghost Festival), one of OUCH's blues out in Curse's Tranquility constellation. This post is mostly just to convey how much I've enjoyed and value my time with the corp.

What I love about OUCH is the purity of purpose; teach students how to fly smarter, minimize losses, and control the field of conflict and your presence upon it. I have the utmost respect for the training staff, the nullsec FCs, and what you're all doing.

Ultimately, though, OUCH is exactly what it says on the tin: a university. Like any other university, activities are restricted to those that complement the curriculum, and don't go far past the 'campus'. That's great!

However, once you've graduated university, it's really time to get out into the world and make a proper living. As I (vaguely) recall, you can't really make a living while also attending college -- at best, attending college is a monetary drain that you bear because, ultimately, it will help you become better at what you want to do. OUCH is almost exactly like that, right down to costing you more than you can reasonably make at the same time (assuming you stick to the ship restrictions and want to live in null as well as hunt there).

SO: That's the goodbye part.

The "hello" part is that I'm moving all of about six or seven jumps away from CL-85V, joining a corp within OUCH's lists of blues that I really think will suit me well, which means (a) I don't have to worry about y'all podding me and (b) I can still come play light tackle on the bubble, sometimes.

I hope? Please?

Anyway, that's it: goodbye and hello, as always.
Have fun!


The clock is ticking.

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