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the Wormhole Cometh
this was not an easy choice to make. I've decide to move to a wormhole with a bunch of guys from my old corporation. The experience and knowledge I gained from OUCH will be carried with me through my eve carrier. The professionalism and hard work of all members of OUCH is what made it really hard to leave.

My main reason for leaving OUCH was cause I couldn't afford the ships I wanted to fly and learn how to fly them without worry about the amount of time it took to earn the capital to fly them. I know many people have recommended buying PLEX, but I can't bring myself to purchase them. I even tried to make a trader alt to maintain my balance and am currently failing at that aspect of the game.

I had much more to learn from everyone in OUCH.

Thanks All for the time I spent on the bubble and in training sessions, This corporation truly is a class above. I hope to cross paths with you guys again.

Fly deadly!
Good luck o7
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Have fun!


The clock is ticking.
o7, Sleeper bait Wink

Zurakaru Ze
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Good luck, Q!
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